Safemoon Army’s last chance for mega burn

A few months back we heard much talk about a Safemoon squeeze and a bit of speculation surrounded it and not much clarity on how it was going to happen. With V2 happening soon the supply will greatly reduced but obviously the value of your bag will be the same. The Safemoon army has a chance to possibly create a price fluctuation and make waves but they will have to make a sacrifice. 

Talk started circulating about a way to speed up the burn and really make the price move and I believe this is what the squeeze was all about. You can’t really squeeze the moon because you can’t short it so it was just a matter of speech. One post that I came across was talking about sending a million Safemoon to the burn wallet, I know it sounds crazy but at the moment its only like 6 dollars. If the Safemoon army started sending 20 dollars worth of Safemoon to the burn wallet it would possibly start a buying frenzy or create a viral buzz. It the army gets together and does this it has to be done before the consolidation of the V2.  Sending a million tokens to the wallet would be like sending 1 billion tokens to burn after the consolidation. The real question is will Safemoon Army get the job done?

Why SafeMoon won’t make most people rich.

 SafeMoon is taking over the internet. Many social influencers have been pumping up the cryptocurrency all over Tik Tok , Twitter, Facebook and any other platform where people will listen. More importantly it is working like nothing I have ever seen before. The first reason someone won’t become rich from SafeMoon is because they simply aren’t going to take a chance on it. The naysayers and the people that won’t be open minded and assume any type of risk no matter how small. 


Safemoon is trading at a fraction of a penny which allows one to purchase a great amount of coins even with the smallest investment. Regardless of this some people won’t even take the time to learn about it or even just take a blind chance at it without knowing anything about the coin. Safemoon has been labeled a hype coin amongst other names coins are referred to but SafeMoon is different. It has accumulated over 2 Million users in 2 months and it is said to be the fastest growing cryptocurrency in the world. It has created so much buzz that it helped Bitmart pass some heavy hitters in the appstore.  It is ranked ahead of Tinder and food delivery apps according to

Bezinga. SafeMoon is what has driven this frenzy of buying on a whim.

The next reason some won’t become ballers is because they will panic sell. The stock takes a strong nose dive and they start to lose money and they panic and sell. This will be the end of their potential big money dream. Then the tokens will be distributed to the holders who aspire to become millionaires or make a big quick killing. Timing might be everything if the big whales or people with huge amount of coins start dumping them. If the whales dump as long as the dip is rebought by others everyone should be okay and receive more coins. Oh yeah the other thing is the coins have no use at least for now. The developers are working on integrating them into a video game and creating a wallet. 

Safemoon has a plan and is working it too well in a way. They keep achieving milestones almost too quickly where people seem to expect a next big announcement but need to give the developers more time. This is where jumping in early is key as long as it works. You want to be in before a huge announcement that is how one will have a greater potential reward level. SafeStar might reap a great deal of traction solely on the success of Safemoon and it is very, very affordable. It is possible to buy billions of coins for a few hundred dollars. If any of these coins get anywhere near a cent one will make a large chunk of change. This is where SafeStar being in more of an infancy stage may reap better rewards. With the recent rise in Doge coin everyone is watching these coins and do not want to be left out. 

Fomo will drive more and more buyers. If you are working at a 9-5 for a small hourly wage and your buddy buys Safemoon and becomes a multimillionaire you will be salty Sam for the rest of your life. This thought process is what is going to take Safemoon to the moon. The crazy thing is so many people want to buy it and don’t know how, they don’t understand the process. Another possibility is a tweet by a famous person with crypto influence. If Elon Musk mentioned Safemoon or Safestar in a tweet it would instantly create a buzz that would possibly to wonders for the price. 





SafeMoon how to buy it.
Easiest way to buy SafeMoon.


Is Safe-moon the next Doge Coin?


To The Moon

SafeMoon how to buy it.
Easiest way to buy SafeMoon.

Doge Coin is going to make me a millionaire. Had you uttered these words a few years back the person you told would probably still have a cramp from laughing so hard. Doge coin has made a marvelous move and has gained 12,000 plus percent this year alone. A similar situation is happening right now with Safemoon and Fomo or fear of missing out. This fomo in cryptocurrency is fueling a meteoric rise of people paying attention to the alt coin. Quite a few big Doge coin holders aka whales are cashing in hundreds of thousands of dollars a day selling what Doge coins they were holding. Doge coins all time high is .69 but if you had a few million tokens you wouldn’t squawk at that. 

The internet is full of people on both sides of the coin but now as Safemoon is adding more and more wallet holders and is growing my millions of dollars everyday mainstream news outlets are taking notice.  Buyers will be made fun of initially but if it does go to the moon as the slogan says you won’t want to miss that ride. Another thing fueling this is the stimulus checks that have been coming and everyday Americans are trying to find that one lucky break to stop the daily monotony.

Has Safemoon gone mainstream?

Yes and no. It has been turning many heads but primarily online influencers and every day Tik Tokers who are touting the new crypto. The crazy thing is it has only been out for about 2 months and has seen astronomical growth. Yes pun was intended it is Safemoon you know. Safemoon gets the phrase ” We are going to the moon” from Doge coin and it plays on the fact it wants to get you there safely. 

Should you invest in Safemoon? 

This is completely up to you but if you want to give it a shot check out the easiest way to invest in Safemoon below.

How do I buy Safemoon Alt Coin?

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Safemoon tokenomics- how to buy Safemoon cryptocurrency easily

What is tokenomics and how will it help my Safemoon coins?

At the moment Safemoon is under a penny so you have the opportunity to really have a decent amount of tokens without having to spend much money. It is seen as a high risk high reward investment. Many are mocking people who buy it until they start seeing the attention it is getting in the main stream cryptocurrency realm. 

Tokenomics of Safemoon includes a distribution of coins for those who hold coins and do not sell them. Currently people who buy Safemoon pay a higher premium for it and are charged a 10 percent fee. When the tokens are sold part of them are burned or discarded forever and the remainder are shared or distributed among all of the holders. Currently Safemoon has 1.5 Million holders of the coin. This is another reason to start getting in as early as possible. The fewer the holders the more coins you will receive upon distribution. Less and less coins are going to be distributed in the future. As the whales sell their positions it will greatly reduce the amount of tokens that are circulating. In turn this should drive the price up once the selling is absorbed. 

Safemoon has been making headlines in major publications and this could make the price sky rocket in the near future. to buy Safemoon easily click the link below and also receive a sign up bonus.


What is the easiest way to buy Safemoon Cryptocurrency?

SafeMoon how to buy it.
Easiest way to buy Safe-Moon.

What is Safemoon? How do I buy Safemoon?

First of all let me provide you with my referral link. It will not only provide you with a bonus but allow you to create a link of your own to earn more crypto which you can trade for even more Safemoon. This by far is the easiest way to buy Safemoon, all you do is sign up, provide the necessary information, click buy coins. You want to select USDT. The next step is going to the search bar and typing in Safemoon. You will see Safemoon/UDST pop up. Select the pairing and hit buy. You might see a slight delay in receiving your initial USDT so don’t panic. It usually takes about an hour or so.

As Safemoon looks to be the next Doge coin people around the world are going crazy trying to swoop it up at its current levels. Safemoon is in a unique position it has many naysayers. Many waiting to laugh at you and tell you that you are a fool. Then you have the other side FOMO which can drive the sanest person batty. Many millionaires have been made in the crypto space. Doge coin initially started off as a mere joke. A few buddies playing around poking fun at bitcoin. Fast forward a few years later and bam it is catching fire.  Most would say that their is no substance behind Safemoon but today was a very interesting day. Safemoon finished 6th worldwide in trading volume and people are taking notice. With all of Safemoon’s hype it is starting to fuel other coins piggy backing off the name. SafeMars, Safesun and SafeStar. Safestar biggest day so far is a 250+ percent return day. 

What will fuel the viral skyrocketing of SafeMoon? I believe it will be led by its strong community of people shouting out we are going to the moon. SafeMoon is also being pumped up by many online influencers. It’s team is very creative and has made it’s Tokenomics model a very rewarding buy and hold strategy. Fomo will be the main catalyst, nobody wants to be left out of the party especially if the party includes possible Lambos and Champagne.