Safemoon tokenomics- how to buy Safemoon cryptocurrency easily

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What is tokenomics and how will it help my Safemoon coins?

At the moment Safemoon is under a penny so you have the opportunity to really have a decent amount of tokens without having to spend much money. It is seen as a high risk high reward investment. Many are mocking people who buy it until they start seeing the attention it is getting in the main stream cryptocurrency realm. 

Tokenomics of Safemoon includes a distribution of coins for those who hold coins and do not sell them. Currently people who buy Safemoon pay a higher premium for it and are charged a 10 percent fee. When the tokens are sold part of them are burned or discarded forever and the remainder are shared or distributed among all of the holders. Currently Safemoon has 1.5 Million holders of the coin. This is another reason to start getting in as early as possible. The fewer the holders the more coins you will receive upon distribution. Less and less coins are going to be distributed in the future. As the whales sell their positions it will greatly reduce the amount of tokens that are circulating. In turn this should drive the price up once the selling is absorbed. 

Safemoon has been making headlines in major publications and this could make the price sky rocket in the near future. to buy Safemoon easily click the link below and also receive a sign up bonus.


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