Why SafeMoon won’t make most people rich.

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 SafeMoon is taking over the internet. Many social influencers have been pumping up the cryptocurrency all over Tik Tok , Twitter, Facebook and any other platform where people will listen. More importantly it is working like nothing I have ever seen before. The first reason someone won’t become rich from SafeMoon is because they simply aren’t going to take a chance on it. The naysayers and the people that won’t be open minded and assume any type of risk no matter how small. 


Safemoon is trading at a fraction of a penny which allows one to purchase a great amount of coins even with the smallest investment. Regardless of this some people won’t even take the time to learn about it or even just take a blind chance at it without knowing anything about the coin. Safemoon has been labeled a hype coin amongst other names coins are referred to but SafeMoon is different. It has accumulated over 2 Million users in 2 months and it is said to be the fastest growing cryptocurrency in the world. It has created so much buzz that it helped Bitmart pass some heavy hitters in the appstore.  It is ranked ahead of Tinder and food delivery apps according to

Bezinga. SafeMoon is what has driven this frenzy of buying on a whim.  https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cryptocurrency/21/05/21075436/safemoon-shiba-inu-bring-little-known-crypto-exchange-ahead-of-tinder-on-iphone-app-store-?itm_source=parsely-api

The next reason some won’t become ballers is because they will panic sell. The stock takes a strong nose dive and they start to lose money and they panic and sell. This will be the end of their potential big money dream. Then the tokens will be distributed to the holders who aspire to become millionaires or make a big quick killing. Timing might be everything if the big whales or people with huge amount of coins start dumping them. If the whales dump as long as the dip is rebought by others everyone should be okay and receive more coins. Oh yeah the other thing is the coins have no use at least for now. The developers are working on integrating them into a video game and creating a wallet. 

Safemoon has a plan and is working it too well in a way. They keep achieving milestones almost too quickly where people seem to expect a next big announcement but need to give the developers more time. This is where jumping in early is key as long as it works. You want to be in before a huge announcement that is how one will have a greater potential reward level. SafeStar might reap a great deal of traction solely on the success of Safemoon and it is very, very affordable. It is possible to buy billions of coins for a few hundred dollars. If any of these coins get anywhere near a cent one will make a large chunk of change. This is where SafeStar being in more of an infancy stage may reap better rewards. With the recent rise in Doge coin everyone is watching these coins and do not want to be left out. 

Fomo will drive more and more buyers. If you are working at a 9-5 for a small hourly wage and your buddy buys Safemoon and becomes a multimillionaire you will be salty Sam for the rest of your life. This thought process is what is going to take Safemoon to the moon. The crazy thing is so many people want to buy it and don’t know how, they don’t understand the process. Another possibility is a tweet by a famous person with crypto influence. If Elon Musk mentioned Safemoon or Safestar in a tweet it would instantly create a buzz that would possibly to wonders for the price. 





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