Safemoon Army’s last chance for mega burn

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A few months back we heard much talk about a Safemoon squeeze and a bit of speculation surrounded it and not much clarity on how it was going to happen. With V2 happening soon the supply will greatly reduced but obviously the value of your bag will be the same. The Safemoon army has a chance to possibly create a price fluctuation and make waves but they will have to make a sacrifice. 

Talk started circulating about a way to speed up the burn and really make the price move and I believe this is what the squeeze was all about. You can’t really squeeze the moon because you can’t short it so it was just a matter of speech. One post that I came across was talking about sending a million Safemoon to the burn wallet, I know it sounds crazy but at the moment its only like 6 dollars. If the Safemoon army started sending 20 dollars worth of Safemoon to the burn wallet it would possibly start a buying frenzy or create a viral buzz. It the army gets together and does this it has to be done before the consolidation of the V2.  Sending a million tokens to the wallet would be like sending 1 billion tokens to burn after the consolidation. The real question is will Safemoon Army get the job done?

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